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Young Engineers课程

e² Young Engineers (ESYE) represents thousands of children around the world who participate in our unique enrichment programs. Our after school programs provide theoretical knowledge and practical implementation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) basics, which achieved by using LEGO and K’NEX assembly kits uniquely designed by our staff.


LEGO and K'nex programs

Young Engineers Enrichment Programs Our sessions provide theoretical knowledge and its practical implementation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) basics. Young Engineers provides an engaging, hands-on learning platform. Our educational goals are achieved by using unique LEGO® and K’nex® assembly kits designed by our staff, demonstrating the scientific principles being taught in a fun and accessible fashion, and combining …

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Big Builders 课程 – 适合4-6岁儿童

young engineers big builders

The Big Builders enrichment program develops tactile, motor, dexterity, and spatial skills while discovering solutions for introductory level engineering problems using K’NEX®. Children play together and learn about animals and transportation while simultaneously learning principles of biology and geometry.

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Bricks Challenge 课程 – 适合7-9岁学生

young engineers lego challenge

The LEGO® bricks challenge program is designed to help participants learn physics and mathematics in an intuitive way. This enrichment program introduces elementary school-aged children to the basic principles of math and science by integrating engineering fundamentals into the school curriculum.

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Galileo Technic 课程 – 适合9-11岁学生

Young Engineers Galilego

  The GaliLEGO program allows Young Engineers to investigate mechanical systems in a team-based setting. Participants use team building exercises to discover the logic behind mechanical, mathematical and physical aspects of machinery.  

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Robo Bricks 课程 – 适合11-13岁学生

RoboLEGO Young Engineers

Suitable for 4th-6th grade, or 3rd grader who graduates of one of the Young Engineers mechanical engineering programs The goal of the course is to introduce the kids to the theoretical and practical aspects of mechanical and software engineering. The program nurtures algorithmic thinking and implementation, using the LEGO® We-Do programming language. The children will build a LEGO® robot at …

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Robotics 课程 – 适合13–15岁初中学生


The Robotics and Software Engineering program combines work and play to teach the theories of software and mechanics. During this lesson, students design and create robots using engineering software. Participants work in teams to optimize usage of programming mechanisms used to operate their robot.

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